Maybe you've got a bike that you love... or well, you used to love it. Were those handlebars always so far below the saddle? How come the shifters are all the way down there? And why is the gearing so high? Is this frame even the right size? What do I need to get my bike ready for a daily commute or a short tour?

We can customize your existing bike's look, feel, and fit to meet your needs. Or we can build one from scratch around your idea of the perfect bike (our favorite!). Here's ours.

Popular requests include tall stems and swept-back bars that change your position from racey to relaxed, taking pressure off of your neck, shoulders, and wrists. Racks, baskets, bags, fenders, and integrated lighting can make your existing bike more practical and add a touch of class. If your tires are either uncomfortably skinny or slow and knobby, they can generally be swapped out for quick, cushy, sort-of-but-not-too-wide ones.

Roll by with a few minutes to kill and we'll come up with a few ideas to rekindle your bicycle love affair.