Service & Repairs

Bring in your bike!

We are often able to perform small repairs such as tire changes and brake pad replacement same day.

For more comprehensive repairs, such as tune-ups, we can schedule service once we have seen the bike and provided an estimate.

$7 labor to replace a tube and/or tire for a loose wheel and $12 on the bike. Coaster brake and internally geared hubs may incur an additional $5-10 labor charge, more for bikes with chain cases such as Dutch bikes. Most tubes are $8. Basic rubber tires start at about $25 depending on size, and flat-resistant tires start at $35.

Basic side-to-side truing will start at $15.  A comprehensive lateral and radial true runs $30, and spoke replacement starts at $40.  Every wheel is a little different, so yours may need more or less work than these prices would indicate and will be charged accordingly - think of these as almost 'worst case scenario' prices.


We are confident we can make your riding experience significantly better with 30-40 minutes of analysis, adjustments, and a few test rides. Pain or discomfort while riding -especially in your knees, back, elbows, neck, and wrists- is generally a result of poor fit: your bicycle's saddle set too high or too low, handlebars at the wrong angle or at an incorrect distance from your saddle, or, in the worst case scenario, a frame that is not the correct size for your body. The basic fit consultation includes adjustment of your existing components, and the labor for swapping for new saddle or grips. New handlebar installation is more extensive and may require additional parts and labor. We offer free touch-ups for 30 days after we work on your bike, and will happily refund your money if you are not completely satisfied with the resulting fit.

We remove the chain, chainrings, rear derailleur and cassette, and scrub them in a solvent tank until they look and feel new. The components are then lubricated point by point and reinstalled. In addition to smoother shifting, this adds longevity to your parts and keeps them out of the landfill. This service can also be added to any tune-up (or done on a Thursday night) for half-price.

*Price is for labor only, parts not included.*

TUNE-UPS — Basic brake and drivetrain lubrication and alignment starts at $60, full tune-ups with bearing and wheel work start at $100*

Please bring in your bike to schedule extensive work. We will recommend depth of service based on your bicycle's condition and how you plan to use it.

Tune-ups include general cleaning of your bicycle's frame and wheels;

Lubrication of the drivetrain, springs, cables and housing;

Thorough alignment and adjustment to all shifting mechanisms;

Tensioning of brake springs, positioning of caliper arms, body and pads;

Torqueing fasteners to proper spec;

Grease injection and adjustment of bearings in both hubs (Full Tune);

Extensive dishing, truing and rounding of one wheel, usually the rear, and a touch true of the other (Full Tune);

Labor for installing most additional components is half price when included with a tune up.

Post-pickup support includes:

Discussion of lifespan of components and proposed timeframe for next check-in or servicing;

Touch-ups on any mechanical work performed for 30 days from pickup;

Basic repositioning of existing saddle, stem, and handlebars for proper fit.

PLEASE NOTE:  All tune-ups are checked in with a $50 miscellaneous estimate for small parts and labor charged on an as needed basis (this prevents us from having to call you every time we discover a stripped bolt head or rusty cable hiding in its housing).