"Where are these bikes made?"

If you've ever asked yourself (or us) this question, you're not alone!  I know that I always try to purchase domestically-made products when possible, but sometimes the price is either too high for me to justify or it simply doesn't exist!  Bicycles and all the goodies that go with them typically fall into the latter category (we could go into a whole thing about that, but I'll save it for another time).


For better or worse, something like 80% of bikes sold in the US are produced overseas, and ~80% of those come from factories owned by Giant in Taiwan (numbers based on shaky memories that I can't seem to find evidence for, but the point remains).  At last count, Taiwanese made frames account for 67% of our bike inventory. 


Anyway, just some food for thought for our first post on this here blog.  Stay tuned for more of our musings on all things bicycles (and probably some other stuff, too)!


- Tim