Cat Six is a full service bicycle and repair shop on 42nd Ave in NE Portland. Whether you're newly bike-curious or a seasoned daily rider, we'll do our best to treat you like a favorite customer. Or at very least a human being.

Our specialty is bikes you can feel good about riding to work and then taking out for some fun on the weekends. We stock beautiful steel bikes by Surly, Soma, Masi, Simcoe and Pure City. Everything we sell is assembled with painstaking attention to detail and a year of fit consultation and mechanical service. 

Special thanks to the folks that have tooted our horn on Yelp, Google, Facebook and via snail mail!


Kirk started working in bike shops in the ’80s, taught bicycle repair for seven years, and recently raced in a pink bunny costume. Kirk is Top Wrench, Ubermechaniker, and Leader of all things Service. Your bicycle will be restored to premium tuned-up condition by no green lackey or minimum-wage slave, but by Kirk Himself.




Jonathan has toured coast-to-coast, wrenched for a team of 21, and commuted daily in Florida heat, New York traffic, Colorado snow, and of course, Oregon rain. He'll greet you, help figure out how to make your bike more comfortable and fun to ride, and (usually) remember your name.




Steve specializes in customer outreach, chasing errant ball bearings, and taking naps in backstock. He commutes inside a cozy bag mounted to Kirk's Surly. If you bring in a stroller or trailer for repair, please check for feline stowaways before leaving the store.